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We execute key activities from corporate banking e.g.: financial analysis, due diligence, stock inspection, investigations, valuation. Review of security documentation, portfolio reviews, review of credit operations with our expertise. Assisting private equity firms with pre-incorporation work. Identifying suitable investment options for private equity funds. Post investment services, like MIS review, working with portfolio companies. A fund-raising strategy for identified financial requirements, facilitate optimal sourcing of debt/ equity, Project Financing/ Private Placement. We show sheer brilliance in assisting each client with finding the adequate requirement for funds and finding the right balance of the debt, mezzanine funding, equity or private placement for optimal growth & sustenance of the business. A flow chart on transactional advisory services for business merger or acquisition for inorganic growth or market consolidation is what we create to enhance productivity. Intermediate with solicitors to facilitate the legal process. Handle the valuation of entities. Managing the end to end M&A process.

We handhold the finance team until the time it can function independently.



Irrespective of the size of your business, marketing and promotion of your product is a necessity. The ever-changing and evolving market trends and the demands of the customers makes it difficult to make your product sustainable at times. Conventional as well as unconventional practice help your business to get the much-needed visibility and the growth but it is important to know and learn what actually works for your business the best. Our marketing experts have been in the industry for over 20 years and are skilled to train your marketing practices for the better.  We study your company and your products and plan the marketing activities in accordance to it which also helps your business to be updated with the latest trends and what your target audience need from you. Websites are the online shop of a product and in world where internet is doing wonders we are aware of how important your website is. It plays an essential role in term of marketing and creating visibility as well as bringing in traffic to your business. This corporate approach helps in reaching the right people and the right industry bringing results that are specific and feasible in nature.



To organise event or conferences one needs to look into ever detail, starting from venue to guest list to food to promotions. It is ideal to plan and research about the corporate event’s purpose and the result it wants from it. Our team does an extensive research and then pans out the entire event step by step keeping every detail in mind. Every official activity of the event is taken care of by a team of dedicated event managers. Understanding the purpose of corporate event is what helps us create events and conferences successfully. While you plan your display of services we put in endless efforts to put the show up without a glitch. According to research it is evident that employees need a break from the monotony and retreats and incentive programs are ways to motivate and encourage them to work harder. We plan and execute such events, freeing up your time. We streamline the arrangements according to your requirements and host the meeting without any interruptions. Our organising team helps in putting all of it together so that you are able to concentrate on your presentation and not the arrangements.

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A business runs on what it sells and the employees that belong to the business. Staffing and recruiting are a hassle and takes away the time that could have been invested in another direction. We offer staffing and recruiting services to ease out your processes. We carefully pick the suitable candidates for your business making sure that their skill set match to your requirements. We have defined process to scrutinize and identify the right candidates for your business who will eventually be an asset to the company and help the company reach the desired heights. Recruiting for a business is one of the most gruelling processes that the business has to go through. Choosing the right employee and retaining them is a crucial task for the business that aims to grow and prosper. Our experts from the Human Resource industry will ease the process for you while you concentrate on your business. They will streamline the entire process and help in recruiting the best set of people with the skill required. Our aim is to add real “strategic value” to the worth of any company. The available database is filtered, tactically aligned and highly focused so that any applicants presented will be appropriately skilled and competent for the relevant job. Grooming, attitude, punctuality, ambition, credentials/qualifications, communication, dependability and previous career-history references are attended to by our team.



Our data solutions make it easy to select target companies and smart use of analysis to optimize your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can enhance your inhouse (customer / prospect) database with valuable information to cross sell & upsell opportunities. Currently we hold data and information on over 2 million business entities. You can integrate this valuable information into your inhouse business applications & systems.


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